Generating transparency in the healthcare supply chain.


cross references...and counting.


Supply Chain Leaders rely on The Mix daily to avoid supply interruptions. The Mix has over 1,200,000 items and their equivalent substitutions in its constantly updated database. This database is continuously updated from item masters submitted from the nation’s leading IDNs. To access The Mix simply register and log in, it is free to use.

You can use The Mix to:

  • Cross refence items to alternative products
  • Identify exact matches and functional equivalents
  • Link to manufacturers published information on their products
  • Identify off contract savings opportunities



To contact The Mix please call (770)263-5262 or via email at



Healthcare, like many industries is challenged by a lack of product identification standards. Providers are constantly challenged as they attempt to find alternative and substitute products. Manufacturers struggle to get product information out to the various participants in the supply chain. The Mix provides answers to these challenges.

Providers use The Mix to:

  • Cross reference primary items to alternative products
  • Identify both exact matches and functional equivalents
  • Provides one source for product research including links to manufacturers' data
  • Designate dependencies and complimentary products across their item master
  • Reduce off contract spend by listing valid substitutes and alternatives



Today, most manufacturers provide information on their product line available on their website. While the information is valuable user access is highly inefficient. Both distributors and provides deal with products from hundreds of suppliers. Researching these products today requires access websites from each different supplier. The Mix provides a platform to provide access from one common platform.

Manufacturers use The Mix to:

  • Promote their products across all layers of the supply chain
  • Provide competitive information and cross references to all competitors
  • Provide links to catalog listings and data sheets
  • Support providers and distributors by providing easy access to product information
  • Customers can link their item to the manufacturer's data sheets and information for easy access.
  • Customers will automatically be exposed to alternative products when listed



The Medical Item Exchange, or The Mix for short is the one stop resource Healthcare Supply Chain leaders use to avoid supply interruptions. The mix is a crowd sourced solution combining cross refences used by leading Hospitals and IDNs. Supply Chain leaders agree that supply interruptions are their number one concern threatening patient wellbeing and The Mix provides instantaneous product cross references and equivalent items. Simply put, The Mix aggregates IDNs item masters, their cross references and publish it for others to view. The mix eliminates Supply Chain Leader’s dependency on google, suppliers and distributors interpretation of an acceptable item substitute.